The Social impact Journey started after I volunteered for an NGO in Tanzania, the Youth Entrepreneurship Program (YEP Tanzania). This organisation provides training programs for young entrepreneurs and they guide them to business growth and eventually provide microloans when needed.

Personally, I guided five entrepreneurs with their business challenges, varying from setting up new marketing strategies to developing more community-based tourism activities. It was amazing to see what could be achieved by sharing knowledge and experiences and how much we could learn from each other! I realized that sharing and co-creation are crucial in the process of development. This is why I decided to set up a concept that does exactly this. I want to give other people the opportunity to experience the value of exchanging knowledge and skills. Together you can do more. 


  • Tourism

    Travel the world, explore new places and meet amazing people. I believe that tourism can contribute to the development of an area/community, as long as this is done in the right way. Involving the communities and always keeping the environment into consideration is key in this process. Tourism is my passion. I don't only live to travel, but I'm also very concerned about the development of destinations and the future of tourism. I believe that we should try to avoid the crowds and travel offseason as well, to increase the benefits for locals. Read my blogs about my travel experiences.

  • Entrepreneurship

    Being raised in an entrepreneurial family, I've always known I want to start my own company. Many people think being self-employed is all about freedom and flexibility, but they don't realize that it actually very hard work and having lots of responsibilities. But of course, also lots of fun and being able to make your own choices! Entrepreneurs are amazing people, all passionate about something they believe in. After my MSc Entrepreneurship & Innovation, I supported many small-scale entrepreneurs in tourism in Africa. My dream is to continue doing this, by connecting European entrepreneurs with local African entrepreneurs to solve business challenges through co-creation and experiential learning!

  • Social impact

    Something else I'm very passionate about is creating social impact. My ultimate goal is to have my own social enterprise up and running before my 30th birthday. Combining tourism and entrepreneurship will allow me to do so. The Social Impact Journey will become a concept in which both will be combined to create social impact for all parties involved. Are you looking for a life-changing trip or do you have input and ideas for such a trip? Contact me! 

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